5 bài đọc nhỏ sau đây là dạng đề thường thấy trong phần thi Reading của đề thi TOEIC. Các bạn cùng làm để xem đúng bao nhiêu câu nhé!

Unit I.
On June 7 the company will hold its first worldwide videoconference. All twenty facilities will be linked by a satellite broadcasting system so that employees can see and speak with each other. Officials of the Zurich head office will begin the conference by telling us about their goals for the next ten years. Next, each facility manager will speak about current challenges. The last hour will be devoted to questions from the floor at all locations. Due to time differences, employees in Asia and South America will have to come to their broadcast facilities outside of regular business hours. Additional pay will be provided for them for this inconveniecnce. If this format proves productive, we hope to schedule wordwide and regional videoconferences periodically.

1. What will be the first agenda item at the conference?
A. Plans for a decade
B. Twenty-year goals
C. Present challenges
D. Quesions from employees

2. Why will some employees receive extra pay?
A. They must speak at the conference
B. The conference will take place before or after work
C. They must travel to other offices to attend
D. Their departments have met certain goals

Unit II.

WASHINGTON – A government study released yesterday said that businesses should implement widespread commercial use of encryption, mathematical formulas to scramble electronic data, to curb the theft of computer data, wireless communications, and other electronic information. A committee of the government research council, which gives sciecnce and technology advice, said a broad use of encryption would help industries in many ways, including by making banking and telecommunications networks more secure and by giving people greater privacy. The committee also recommended that export controls on encryption technologies be progressively relaxed but not eliminated.

1. What does the study suggest businesses do?
A. Curb electronic information sharing
B. Use special technology to scramble electronic data
C. Progressively relax government export controls
D. Invest in government research

2. According to the article, how will the committee’s recommendations benefit businesses?
A. Science and technology advice will be available
B. Computer daa will be processed more quickly
C. Government resources will be shared
D. Telecommunications networks will be more secure

Unit III.


We are one of the fastest-growing major health-care facilities in the country, with an immediate need for a Chief Information Officer. Our CIO is responsible for all information-systems activities, including systems analysis, management reporting, and computer function. This person sets information-systems policies, procedures, and technical standards and acts as a liaison between Information Services and other management departments. The ideal candidate has an advanced degree and 7 years’experience in health-care information systems, including at least 4 years of supervisory experience. Programming experience is not necessary, but experience with systems conversions is beneficial.

We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits, along with the opportunity to work in a dynamic, growing organization. Please send resume with cover letter and salary history to:

University Medical Center
P.O. Box 1234
Dubai, UAE
ATTN: Human Resources

Phone, fax, and e-mail applications will bot be processed.

1. Who placed the advertisement?
A. A secretarial school
B. The Dubai chief information officer
C. A computer company
D. A hospital

2. Which of these is required?
A. Programming experience
B. Ten years of work experience
C. Supervisory experience
D. A medical degree

3. What must an applicant submit?
A. An employment history
B. An application fee
C. Personal references
D. Medical records

4. How should one apply?
A. In person
B. By fax
C. By mail
D. By e-mail

Unit IV.

March Motors Company, Inc.
Fredriksdalsgatan 100 412 GS Goteborg, Sweden

Dear Customer:

The satisfaction and safety of all our customers are of prime concern to us. We are therefore contacting all owners of this year’s Meteor to alert them to improvements in the design of one of the car’s features. You may have noticed that the rear seat bells have a tendency to remain locked inside the retractors when the car is parked at a sharp angle, such as on a steep hill. Once the car is passengers are able to put on thier seat belts.

Our engineers have developed new parts for the retractors that significantly reduce this problem. It would be our pleasure to have new retractors installed for you at no charge. Simply bring our Meteor to the nearest Mach dealer and allow twenty-four hours, for installation. Once the improvemnet has been made, we are confident that your car’s seat belts will meet the highest standards for safety.

If you have any question, please contact your local dealer.

Sincerely yours,
Gunnar Widengren
Vice President

1. To whom is the letter addressed?
A. Mach Meteor owners
B. Mach service technicians
C. Mach parts department staff
D. Mach dealers

2. What is the propose of the letter?
A. To recommend seat belt use
B. To announce a parts improvement
C. To offer tips on parking
D. To advertise a new car model

3. What is the company offering for free?
A. An improved parking brake
B. A car seat cover
C. Front seat belts
D. A better retractor

Unit V.

To: Robert O’Neill <[email protected]>
From: Georges Bemanajara <[email protected]>
Subject: Europe Trip
Date: Tues, 07 Sept 11:53:05

Just want to leave my phone number in the Netherlands with you: 23-319501. I’ll be in Amsterdam untill the 15th but want to keep in touch. I plan to be in London the 16th-19th before returning home. Will try to contact Stacie Drese and Amy Little at the engineering firm in London as soon as I arrive; however, I am worried about rumors of an upcoming air-traffic controller’s strike. If that were to occur, could the seminar be postponed? Please give me a call at your earliest convenience.

1. Who is travelling to Amsterdam?

A. Stacie Drese
B. Amy Little
C. Georges Bemanajara
D. Robert O’Neill

2. What is the last day of the business trip in Amsterdam?
A. 7th
B. 15th
C. 16th
D. 19th

3. What might cause the seminar to be delayed?
A. An airport strike
B. Adverse weather conditions
C. A high priorty meeting
D. Rumors of a cancellation

Đáp án

1. A
2. B

1. B
2. D

1. D
2. C
3. C

1. A
2. B
3. D

1. C
2. B
3. A

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