Những bài học về giới từ và cụm từ cố định (cụm thành ngữ) luôn là một vấn đề đau đầu với chúng ta. Vì thế, để giúp các bạn vượt qua nỗi sợ hãi đầy ám ảnh về các cụm từ cố định (Phrases and Expressions), Hãy bắt đầu bằng việc ghi nhớ ý nghĩa và cách dùng của 20 cụm động từ sau nhé:

1. Account for (=explain)
Example: The army made no attempt to account for the missing men.

2. Accustom oneself to (làm quen với)
Example: I’ll try to accustom myself to the changes.

3. Agree to a plan (đồng ý)
Example: Both sides agreed to the terms of the contract.

4. Agree with someone
Example: Much as I respect you, I can’t agree with you in this case.

5. Approve of (=agree)
Example: I thoroughly approve of what the management is doing.

6. Arrive at/in (địa điểm nhỏ: at; địa điểm lớn:in)
Example : It was dark when we arrived at the station.
It was dark when we arrived in London.

7. Caution against (thận trọng với)
Example: The authority cautioned the local residents against buying Chinese fruit.

8. Compete with (cạnh tranh với)
Example: If a company competes with another, it tries to get people buy its products instead of the other

9. Contribute to (đóng góp)
Example: Falling sales in the American market contributed to the company’s collapse.

10. Cooperate with (hợp tác với)
Example: He said he had cooperated with the government in its investigation.

11. Deal with (giải quyết, xử lí)
Example: The second part of the contract deals with the duties of both sides.

12. Decide on (quyết định)
Example: We’ve decided on the new design for the house.

13. Increase/Decrease by (tăng/giảm bao nhiêu)
Example: House rent increased by 5% last month.

14. Depend on (phụ thuộc vào)
Example: The city economy depends largely on the car industry. học tiếng anh giao tiếp cấp tốc

15. Divide …into (chia thành)
Example: The manager divided the staff into 4 groups working on the project.

16. Divide between (2 people)
Example: John divides his energies between running the company and playing golf.

17. Divide among (more than 2 people)
Example : I think we should divide the costs equally among us.

18. Interfere with (can thiệp)
Example: Even a low level of noise interferes with my concentration.

19. Invest in (đầu tư vào cái gì)
Example: The company invested millions of dollars in the new programs.

20. Participate in (tham gia)
Example: Tom never participates in any of our discussions.

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