Các bạn cùng luyện tập bài test nhỏ dưới đây nhằm tăng cường vốn từ vựng và ngữ pháp câu.

1. The publishers suggested that the envelopes be sent to ….. by courier so that the film can be developed as soon as possible
A. they
B. their
C. theirs
D. them
2. Board members ….. carefully define their goals and objectives for the agency before the monthly meeting next week.
A. had
B. should
C. used
D. have
3. For business relations to continue between our two firms, a satisfactory agreement must be ….. reached and signed.
A. yet
B. both
C. either
D. as well as
4. The corporation, which underwent a major restructuring seven years ago, has been growing steadily ….. five years.
A. for
B. on
C. from
D. since
5. Making advance arrangements for audiovisual equipment is ….. recommended for all seminars.
A. sternly
B. strikingly
C. stringently
D. strongly
6. Two assistants will be required to ….. reporters’s names when they arrive at the press conference.
A. remark
B. check
C. notify
D. ensure
7. The present government has an excellent ….. to increase exports.
A. popularity
B. regularity
C. celebrity
D. opportunity
8. While you are in the building, please wear your identification badge at all times so that you are ….. as a company employee.
A. recognize
B. recognizing
C. recognizable
D. recognizably
9. Our studies show that increases in worker productivity have not been adequately rewarded by significant increases in…..
A. compensation
B. commodity
C. compilation
D. complacency
10. Conservatives predict that government finances will remain …… during the period of he investigation.
A. authoritative
B. summarized
C. examined
D. stable
11. Mr. Kobayashi spoke quite ….. while he was making his sales presentation.
A. exciting
B. excitable
C. excitedly
D. excitement
12. It is essential that we operate ….. the parameters of time and a limited budget.
A. among
B. about
C. within
D. onto
13. The success ….. the new manufacturing process has doubled the number of requests for the product.
A. to
B. of
C. for
D. by
14. Interviewees should be given the company brochure to read ….. they are waiting for their interviews.
A. during
B. after
C. with
D. while
15. The country hospital is currently ….. volunteers to staff the reception.
A. look to
B. looking for
C. looking around
D. looking into
16. We are a major international company with a grow number of ….. in North America.
A. inferences
B. instances
C. instincts
D. interests
17. The report indicates that the Tilbrook Fund is acting properly by delivering policy advice ….. rather than announcing it to the public.
A. privacy
B. privately
C. private
D. privaize
18. This presentation will demonstrate how Metron computers are superior ….. those of our competitors in terms of both features and speed.
A. from
B. than
C. to
D. as
19. The Executive Council of the Fashion Buyer’s Congress is ….. of fifteen muembers from various branches of the fashion industry.
A. compose
B. composing
C. composed
D. to compose
20. Though their performance was relatively unpolished, the actors held the audience’s ….. for the duration of the play.
A. attentive
B. attentively
C. attention
D. attentiveness


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